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Harvey has a genuine thirst for continual development and personal improvement. Coming from an engineering background, where you are expected to develop and implement your own solutions, this has resulted in the accumulation of a broad range of practical expertise.

As an example: he was initially employed, at Oberoi Consulting, to update websites and provide graphic designs. Using the skills accumulated by designing games, and through self-education of PHP programming and SQL database management, he introduced automation into the company's core activities; vastly improving efficiency and enabling expansion, of both the number of GP practices covered and the range of services offered.

Given the commercial confidentiality and sensitivity of the applications, the examples on this site are limited to some anonymised stills of projects, which have already been released, and a couple of personal home-projects.


  • Website design & development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery)
  • PHP programming - websites and business applicaions
  • SQL / MySQL Database design, optimisation and maintenance
  • Team & Project Management
  • Drupal (CMS) integration with custom PHP
  • Automated PDF, Graphs and Image Generation
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • 3D modelling and animation (CGI)
  • Web-based graphics and interactive animation
  • Illustration (technical drawing to caricature)
  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering


  • PHP
  • SQL / MySQL
  • DreamWeaver
  • PhotoShop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • 3DStudioMax / 3DSMax / LightWave
  • Adobe Flash
  • Microsoft Office applications
  • various audio-visual editors and media compression applications.

Sample Websites:


Derby University

  • HND and BTEC Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • HND and BTEC Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Brighton College

  • 2 A Levels: Maths and Physics
  • 1 AO Level: Maths
  • 12 O Levels

Previously Jobs

  • Director of Design & Development
  • Web Master
  • Website Designer
  • 3D Modeller and Animator (touchscreen video games)
  • Graphic Designer (corporate graphics to fruit-machines)
  • Illustrator, Cartoonist & Caricaturist