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BNF Chapter : 01 Gastro-intestinal system

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The British National Formulary is the NHS handbook of prescription drugs and medical supplies, with different areas of treatment separated by chapters, sections and sub-sections; enabling drilldown to become increasingly specific using the dropdown navigation boxes at the top of the page.

The NHS releases GP prescription data used in this demonstration on a monthly basis, three months in arrears. The monthly data is approximately 10-12 Million records, and the following graphs are extracting the data live from a database of the previous 12 months of available data; which equates to approximately 130 Million records.

The graphs below are represention of a breakdown of current expenditure and ingredient costs, as reported by GP practices, for each BNF chapter, section and sub-section. For demonstration purposes, this example is currently restricted to evaluate a single practice's expenditure against that of its Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG); the GP equivalent of a "parent company".

01 Gastro-intestinal system : Practice vs CCG Level

01 Gastro-intestinal system : CCG Level

01 Gastro-intestinal system : Practice Level

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