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"Enhance Heart Failure" Project


This project, developed for Bayer, takes raw data, extracted directly from clinical systems within GP practices, processes it and then uses it to instantly create PDF feedback reports and auto-populate a performance comparison website.


GP practices log their treatment of patients in the practice's "clinical system"; a localised network which can be "queried" to extract useful data.

Until now, the results from the "queries" would be manually interpreted; taking up 3 hours of manual manipulation in Excel with the resultant reports being difficult to interpret.

Automating the process, from uploading the query results to producing a PDF output report, while simultaneously updating a dynamic website, means it now takes approximately 30 seconds, has eliminated the potential for human error and enabled the expansion of the number of practices covered.

The PDF report illustrates results in "easy to understand" bar charts and tables, while the website has fully interactive graphs and charts; clearly highlighting how the practices have developed over time as well as in comparison with each other.

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The basic process is shown below: